Eduardo Sicangco: Broadway Scenographer And Consummate Artist, TOFA-NY 2012 Awardee For Arts & Culture

It is a matter of city-wide, even province-wide pride, when one of our own get recognized, internationally. Eduardo Sicangco, son of Titong and Nena Varela Sicangco, was a graduate of ...

The 27th Negros Trade Fair

  It’s that time of year when Negrenses, Ilonggos, and all their friends come together at the Rockwell Tent for fashion, furniture, food, fun, and more!   —

Negros Island. The Sweet Spot of the Philippines.

It is really true that It’s More Fun In The Philippines!  The tagline for the Philippines has gone global via the internet and London transit media.  It has also gained ...

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Pureza: The Story of Negros Sugar at Rockwell this September 25, 2012

Pureza: The Story of Negros Sugar will once again be screened at ...

27th Negros Trade Fair at the Rockwell Tent

The Negros Trade Fair is an annual event that highlights the Negrense ...

You Know You’re From Bacolod If…You Keep Dreaming of Going Home To Bacolod!

    In Rafé Totengco’s latest campaign for Fall/Winter 2012 entitled “An ...

Aracama : The New Place At The Fort Which Does Negrenses Proud

When in Manila and the craving for something really good to eat ...

Pureza – The Story of Negros Sugar screens next week in Cebu

There is a saying that the people from Davao spend yesterday’s money ...

Trivia : RP’s Last Olympic Medal RP Was Won By A Negrense

Just as the 2012 Olympics in London draws to a close and ...

Remembering Mario Taguiwalo

I went through some old posts in the Facebook group, “You Know ...

Bacolod Masskara Festival In New York: Bringing Smiles And Joy All The Way To New York!

  They came, they smiled, they partied, they laughed, they bonded, they ...

Bacolod Masskara Festival In New York: A Brief History Of The Masskara Festival

The Masskara Festival is Bacolod’s answer to the famed festivals of the ...

Demystifying Negrense Decadence

From my old blog. Blog date : August 9, 2008 A few ...

Three Places To Take Your Friends To, Right In Bacolod City

Whenever we think of touring our friends in Bacolod, we always think ...

Tongue-Twisters: Learning the Hiligaynon Tongue

If you’re Negrense in heart and blood but have needed to adapt ...

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Bacolod, In The Eyes OF A Tourist

Bacolod. The City of Smiles. I went to Bacolod in the middle of August, 2012. That would have been the second or third time I would recall visiting this beautiful place. I am an Ilongga. True-blue, and no doubt. However, I am not a Bacoleña. This is why whenever I would write about Bacolod, I [...]

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Chino Vee Finally Gets His From Bacolod (FB) Shirt!

Chino Vee finally gets his FB (from bacolod) T-shirt.  This comes in perfect timing as the Facebook group celebrated one year of being online in the virtual city of Bacolod. The shirt also comes in perfect timing for the upcoming September 1 and 2, 2012 Grand Eyeball of Bacolodnons in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. For [...]

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Edbon Sevilleno : Watercolorist Extraordinaire

  If Philippine National Artist Fernando Amorsolo is best known for his oil paintings of sunny countryside scenes, a great number depicting rice harvests, there is an artist from Negros who parallels the similar sunny scenes with a touch and flavor that’s local to Negros.  Edbon Sevilleno is a watercolorist extraordinaire who has successfully captured [...]

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Manny Tonogbanua Remembers Plaza Mart

  I remember the only “mall” back then was Plaza Mart, and it had live bands playing in the small elongated island in its middle. The culinary highlight was the Apollo restaurant at the top floor. There were no food courts then. Plaza Mart probably had the first escalator in a mall in Bacolod hehe! [...]

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Of Siday and Traditional Panay/Negros Courtship

SIDAY reminds us of the traditional Ilonggo kinship system “where marriage arrangements follow the traditional way: the parental approval and arrangements are requisites in a ceremony called PAMALAYE or PABALAYON done in three stages ~ PABAGTI or KAGON, PAHIMPIT and PADUL-ONG.

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Cake Madness In Sugarlandia

From Bacólod, all things go a long way when it comes to sugar. From the mountains to the seasides, the landscape is full of sugarcane which fuels a big chunk of the Island’s economy. Of course, when it comes to food, sugar does have a big part especially in the “panam-is” or desserts after each [...]

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Summer In Bacolod

Summer is nearing and the evidence is all around us: The sun is bearing down hotter than ever, and March 1, 2012 happens this week. So where’s a Bacolodnon heading off to this Summer? As Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal said “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” Translated: “He who [...]

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Calea Cakes: Putting Bacolod On The Map

Calea’s Famed Chocolate Cake There is no doubt about it: Negros IS the sweets haven of the country. From the raw material of cane sugar fields, down to the sugar processing and refining factories in Victorias, and even to the finished products of Napoloeones, Piayas, Yemas and… Calea Cakes. If anything, Calea just put Bacolod [...]

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MidSEA Express Follows In Bacolod-Boracay Route

Yesterday, news about the upcoming direct Bacolod to Boracay flights by Sky Pasada rocked the  Negrénse community. In fact, a number have already planned their vacation trips to Boracay this early. Even before Sky Pasada has even warmed up to its 15 minutes of fame, another start-up airline is now taking the limelight by releasing a [...]

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A “Cultured” Merienda Treat: Bailon’s Piaya

Piaya, like batchoy, barquillos and biscocho, are among the foods shared between Iloilo and Negros. Bongbong’s and Biscocho Haus each have their versions of the delicacy, and both are yummy and good. Until you have a bite of Bailon’s Crispy Piaya, that is. Bailon’s Crispy Piaya sets itself apart from the offerings by Bongbong’s and [...]

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